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The Quickie® Xperience 2™ is a mid-wheel drive power wheelchair offering excellent stability for better comfort.  A short turning radius gives easy access to small spaces.

The independent suspension provides users with a smooth ride by dampening the effect of day-to-day obstacles. The Xperience 2™ is one of the best options for users spending time inside and out. It is available in Standard, Heavy Duty or Pediatric.

IMG 0116-n - Dual Post armrests - 72dpi 80x53
IMG 3997 - Flared front arms - 72dpi 66x44
IMG 0025-k - Transport brackets - 72dpi 80x53
IMG 0064-d - Multi-axis headrest mount - 72dpi 80x53
IMG 0078-l - 14ÔÇØ x 4ÔÇØ drive wheels - 72dpi 80x53
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The Quickie® Xplore 2™ is the most hybrid product available.

This wheelchair offers the best of bothworlds; the traction of a rear wheel drive

and the short turning radius of a mid-wheel drive wheelchair.


The fast speed of the Xplore 2™ makes it the ideal choice for someone

spending a lot of time outdoorsand who wants to go the distance.

Safe and comfortable, the 6-wheel independent suspension is offered in

Standard and Heavy Duty. The wheelchair come standard with transport brackets. Seat options: tilt,manual and power recline, and elevating seat.

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The mid-wheel Heavy Duty Quickie® XCEL 2™ features the Advance Geometric Design (A.G.D) which helps enhance the stability, mobility and freedom for the end user.


Engineered without comprise, the XCEL 2™ offers a weight capacity of 249kgs, a bariatric CG power tilt bariatric power recline option, and heavy duty elevating legrests or center mount for the best comfort.


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TPersonalise your ride with a wide range of colour accents

to choose from!

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